The Perfect YouTube Video Description Template!!!

YouTube Video Description templateWell almost perfect…….. Nothing is ever perfect in this world. There’s always room for improvement, But this YouTube video description template I share here, will help you rank more videos in the search engines and help your business dramatically.

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Why we need a solid YouTube video description template!

Your YouTube video description template, should always be written SEO purposes. Unless you don’t want your videos to get hardly any views of course, but who in they’re right mind would want to do that? We all want more views for our videos!

As any video marketer knows, the first thing YouTube asks you to do when you upload a video is for a title, description, and tags.

With that said  a solid YouTube video description template should provide a detailed overview of the content enclosed in your video —not only to help your audience understand what they’ll be watching, but also as previously stated it plays a huge role in search engine optimization (and that’s what this series is all about ranking video’s 🙂 )

Here’s the YouTube video description template I use.

So whenever your writing a YouTube video description always try to include what I have outlined below. As I said earlier nothing is perfect, but this template works. I know because whenever I don’t follow this template my video’s get very little views.




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