UK Gold: Where To Buy The Cheapest Gold Bars Online!

In today’s post I share with you where to buy cheap gold bars, If you live in the UK and your looking for UK Gold, from an online retailer at the cheapest prices available? Then look no further, this post outlines where to buy cheap gold bars who from and I also compare the prices you can pay with 3 other online retailers.

So today I purchased my first 3 grams of Legacy gold, in my opinion (and I believe once you’ve finished reading this post) you’ll agree that legacygold is the best place to buy gold bars in uk.


Their aim is simple to offer the…..

Lowest prices

Our aim is to offer the cheapest fine gold on the market at prices to suit every pocket. Compare our prices with other online retailers – you’ll be amazed at the difference

and provide the……

Finest quality

We only sell 999.9 fine gold bars, for delivery or storage.
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UK Gold: Where To Buy Cheap Gold Bars Online?

The image below shows what I paid for my first order. Your first time order is discounted and you can purchase gold today at just 10% over the London Price Fix. This offer is only included for storage, however you can take advantage of our 6 months FREE Storage.

UK Gold Where To Buy The Cheapest Gold Bars Online

Some FAQ’s on storage with Legacy gold.

Your gold is stored, in your name, fully allocated to you, under our control in vaults at a secure site in the UK. For security and insurance purposes we are unable to be more specific in this forum.

How do I arrange for delivery of my gold from the Storage Vault?

  • Simply send a request to stating how much gold you want to be delivered and in what format ie. size of bar(s).
  • The Company will send you an invoice for the delivery charge (as published on the website).
  • Once cleared funds are received, the Company will arrange to deliver your gold within 48 hours.

You can relax knowing that your gold is secure, insured, outside the banking system and available for delivery at any time.

  • By leaving your gold in storage, you protect the chain of integrity and the value of your gold is therefore guaranteed at the Fix Price which we use, in the event that you wish to sell it back to us. If however you had (say) taken delivery of a number of 1g bars, then Legacy Gold are unable to guarantee the price you would receive when selling them on the open market.
  • When you do eventually want delivery, our method allows you to accumulate your gold holding over a period of time, at a pace that you choose, so that you can eventually take delivery of a single larger bar or a number of smaller bars.

Where To Buy Cheap Gold Bars Online: How Do We Compare To Other Online Retailers?

In the video below I show exactly how our prices compare with other online retailers, even without the discount you’ll be surprised how much more paper currency you can swap for gold when you choose Legacy Gold.

So there you have it, I hope you got value! From this post on where to buy cheap gold bars.  If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below with your thoughts and shared on social media. Also remember to subscribe to keep updated on my latest content.

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