Tulip Mania – The Most Bizarre Bubble Of All Bubbles?

tulip mania

In today’s post I would like to talk about one of the most bizarre bubble of all time, Tulip Mania.

Before I get into the details of tulip mania,I have to ask. Would you pay £1.8 million for a Tulip Bulb?

If the answer is yes, then get off this page now and go back to watching TV or whatever it is you usually do, now if the answer is no then good I’m still talking to someone who has their sanity lol 😀

Tulip Mania 1636 -1637

In studying monetary history to identify cycles, it is necessary to examine both sides of the coin. A lot of the time people will blame all their woes on their government. Certainly they are to blame for inflation and bad monetary practices, but never forget that in the end we ultimately are the ones who CONSENT to our governments rule.

A Tulip Is Still a Tulip

Here are some quick facts about tulips and this mania that took place in

  1. Tulip Bulbs are not indigenous to Holland
  2. Infact they were imported from Turkey
  3. And in 1593 the first tulip bulbs arrived in Holland.
  4. They quickly became a symbol status symbol for Royalty and the wealthy

This mania quickly became an Economic Bubble!

In 1636 a single tulip bulb was traded for the following: 8,000 pounds of wheat, 16,000 pounds of rye, 4 fat oxen, 8 fat swine, 12 fat sheep, 2 hogshead, 140 gallon barrel of wine, 4 tons of beer, 2 tons of butter, 1,000 pounds of cheese, 1 bed, 1 suit of clothes and 1 silver goblet.

At the peak of this tulip bubble in 1637 a single bulb sold for 6,000 florins. The average yearly wage at the time was only 15o florins. That’s 40 times the average income!

To put that into perspective lets assume the average yearly income of someone in Britain is £45,000 That means a tulip bulb today would cost £1.8 million.

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