Our Trip To Venice

Our Trip To Venice



Just sharing some pics and a fun video today from our trip to Venice!

Watch the video to see some really cool footage of this bucket list item we just got back from.

Great Company and an Amazing Trip!

This was actually a trip we have always wanted to do, but never really planned or thought about doing. So last Sunday the 14th September my girlfriend and I just decided to book and go to the beautiful city of Venice.

You only Live once and sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself more and have fun. So we decided to pack our bags and fly off to Venice for a short break and explore this beautiful city ūüôā

Our Adventure and a Few Places We Visited.

We started with a short drive from our home in Portsmouth to catch a flight from London Gatwick to Venice which took roughly an hour an 40 minutes. No delays and we landed around 11:40 local time.

We had planned the entire trip around the hire of a vehicle, but the travel company failed to mention that insurance cover doesn’t actually mean insurance in Italy and the hire company wanted 2,000 Euros deposit from us to hire their vehicle for 4 days. As neither my girlfriend nor I were prepared to lay down that amount at the risk of an accident, we opted for public transport instead.

Which I thought was going to be a nightmare, but in fact didn’t turn out to be that bad. So after a few delays with sorting out transport from the airport to our hotel we finally arrived about an hour later.

I think there is a reason the Italians are broke you know, as none of them seem to pay for public transport and when the ticket men and women come round to inspect your tickets, the locals don’t take much notice of them either lol


Is where we ended up the first evening in Venice after exploring Piazzale Roma which is a square at the entrance of the city, they have a beautiful bridge here which crosses the the Grande Canal.











Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square)

Piazza San Marco or St Mark’s Square is an¬†Iconic square & gathering place dating back to the 12th century & dominated by St. Mark’s Basilica, hence the name St Mark’s square. I love this place its full of some of the world great architecture truly amazing. It is also home to the Bridge of Sighs,an arched bridge named for sighs of prisoners crossing it en route from the Palazzo Ducale to prison, it was said that this was the last time they saw the outside world.










This place was probably our most favourite place which was full of really cool bars, restaurants and shops. The film festival happens every September and most of the shops sell these really cool masks.









This blog post would go on for days with the amount of photo’s and places we visited in Venice so you can see all the photos here


Our Trip To Venice Video




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