An Evening With Tom Big Al Schreiter


What I learnt From Spending An Evening With Tom Big Al Schreiter

Tom Big Al Schreiter So a couple of weeks ago I had the honour and pleasure to spend and evening with Tom Big Al Schreiter. For those of you who have been around network marketing for a while, will know how much of a legend Tom is in this profession.

So having the opportunity grab dinner and find out why and how this great man has had such huge success in network marketing, was an opportunity not to be missed. Truly honoured and blessed! Thank you Tom Big Al Schreiter.


Before I jump into the content and share with you what Tom shared with me. I would just like to give a shout out to a dear friend and fellow networker Sam Beddoe for organising the event. This lady is a true inspiration to me and one hell of a networker, I highly recommend you go connect with her.

So lets dive into this content……

Now there are 3 things needed to be successful in network marketing.

1. You need to have a reasonable attitude.

2. You need to be motivated 


3. You need to have a set of skills. 

All of these are highly important and chances are you have number 1 and number 2 otherwise you wouldn’t have started a network marketing career, but your probably lacking some skills. Tom Big Al Schreiter mentioned that there are 25 skills you need to learn to become a successful network marketing professional.

Now I don’t have time to go through them all here in this blog post, but if you would like to learn all 25 get yourself over to Tom Big Al Schreiter has some great resources on learning these skills.


 Tom Big Al Schreiter: 5 Levels of Closing


First off I just want to mention something before I jump into sharing these 5 levels of closing. Have you ever giving your company presentation only to discover straight after the presentation, (when you ask your prospect “what they like best?” ) that they straight away say, No not interested, no thank you or I need to think about it? and they never get back to you right?I know this has happened to me many times and chances are you probably have experienced this too.

So here is the deal. No information is used in the human mind to making a decision. Not one bit of information. The decisions are made on pre existing programs already in their subconscious mind and once you understand this, you can start to close your prospects before the presentation!

Level 1 Close: Now this closing level is very low and something you have probably heard a cheesy car salesman use before, something along the lines of “Now are you going to pay with cash or cheque?” or “Are you going to pay now or pay later?” My advice, probably not the best close to use at all!

Level 2 Close: “Before I show you how this works, let me tell you what happened to me.” use those words then tell them a little story about how your business has changed your life. Tom Big Al Schreiter says “Stories are like crack cocaine to the human mind.” LOL 😀 after you’ve told your prospect a little story, then show them how the business works.

Level 3 Close: The Human mind has a survival program embedded deep in their brain. Its what makes us to decide to Fight, Flight or Freeze when faced in an uncomfortable situation. So its fair to say that most people, follow instincts, like to stay with the group, don’t step out, do something different and like to be safe. So why not use this to close your prospects? “Most People.” Most people I show this business to, get excited about it and want to join, but some don’t period.

Level 4 Close: “Sound bites” Sound bites are great and once you understand these and how they work you will hear and see them everywhere. To get a few examples on sounds bites and how they work check out Tom Big Al Schreiter book 26 Instant Marketing Ideas you can read the first 5 chapters free and get some great sounds bites to use for your business.

Level 5 Close: The only reason to have your business is solve peoples problems and there is a reason why people can’t solve their problems, because they either don’t know where to start or don’t have the skills. So when a problem is big enough you will close more sales, its really that simple.

and with this close you use these words to activate that certain program in your prospects mind to get them thinking about the pain they have in their life. Human beings don’t know how to make up their minds, but we can help them with this short sentence. “Are you ok with.” Ask you prospect are you ok with commuting two hours a day to work, for a job you hate? Or whatever they’re reasons are for sitting down with you in the first place.


Check out this short video below where I share with you Tom Big Al Schreiter Golden nugget I took away from spending the evening with him.


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