Time Is Our Biggest Asset! Life Lesson #5 My Letter To George

Time is our Biggest Asset. Once its spent you can never get it back!

Dear George,

This is a lesson which most of us take for granted….

There are many things in this world that are valuable… work, family, health, possessions, and so forth. But it could be argued that the most valuable thing you’ll ever have in this world, outside of your health, is your TIME. In fact, the way you use your time has a major impact on the quality of your health. Do you take time for exercise and nutrition? Or do you just kill time, hoping you’ll feel fine and everything will work out fine?

I would suggest that your success and failure, in almost every part of your life, depend almost entirely on how you use your TIME. Think about it. You can always get another job, and you always get new possessions. You can never get a more TIME, and you can never recapture the TIME you’ve spent. That being the case, I would argue that it’s well worth your TIME to understand TIME and how to manage it. (That lesson can wait for another day though.)

You know son, Its funny how this subject came about and a reason for me writing this letter to you today and as I’m writing this I am looking at quote above my head on the wall that says:

[tweetthis]”Time is precious, waste it wisely!” [/tweetthis]

I have been meaning to write a post on this subject for a long time, but struggled to put the words to paper. Then when a new copy of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad! By Robert Kiyosaki  (I missed placed my old copy) arrived through the door there was a letter written inside the first few pages on this very subject.

So I felt compelled to share the message on Facebook Live for all to hear!

and that’s the same message I am sharing with you hear today!



So there you have it son, I hope you got some value! Now remember the lesson taught here in the video above, and spedn your time wisely 🙂

Lots of love Dad x x x

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