Are You Using The Single Most Powerful Asset You Have?

the single most powerful asset you have is your mindIt is said that the single most powerful asset you have is your mind! The question is are you using it to its full potential?

You know I talk about financial education a lot, maybe because I study the subject a lot and maybe the people and the content they produce rubs off on me.

With that being said, I do believe these successful human beings have it completely right, financial education is key and it is only develop by using the most powerful asset we have……. OUR MIND!!

Checkout the podcast I did sharing what Robert Kiyosaki said on the subject!

The Single Most Powerful Asset You Have Audio

I like Robert says in the section I read from his book, financial intelligence is simply giving yourself more options. If the opportunities aren’t coming your way, what else can you do to improve your situation?  How can you turn your situation around? How can you afford the lifestyle you dream of? By asking yourself how, you are putting to work the single most powerful asset you have……. YOUR MIND!

Quit focusing only on one solution and ask yourself better questions. This is where creativity comes from, inspiration, motivation and finding the grit and determination to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. By asking better questions your force your mind to think, expand and grow to its full potential.

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