Network Marketers: Why do so many struggle?

Network MarketersIt is widely stated that 97% of Network Marketers quit or fail in their first year. So why do so many who start out in this profession fail or struggle to make any money? In this post I share my beliefs based on my experience so far.

People join network marketing programs with lots of hopes and expectations. But some are not adequately prepared for the pitfalls they have to deal with. These pitfalls are not difficult to identify. Let us see some of the important ones.

The Biggest Pitfalls Network Marketers Face!

Lure of Quick Riches: This is probably the biggest attraction for new network marketers and home business owners. Get-Rich-Quick schemes rarely deliver what they appear to promise. They are also responsible in a big way for such a high rate of failure among our profession. My advice – stay away from anyone who claims that you can get rich quick! If you are tempted to try any such scheme, try to look at other features beyond the promise of quick gains. It is much safer to stick to reputed company which has a proven track record.

Lack of Experience and Skills: There are numerous instances where the same affiliate program or network marketing program helps some people to earn substantially more than many others. If you look closely you will find that such successful people have a respected background or they have been working at this profession for sometime. Any newbie network marketers will require training, support and possibly mentoring to succeed in their business.

Pick a company that provides adequate training and promotional tools. Lack of experience should not deter you; it should be taken as a challenge. Experience is something which has to be earned. Unless you actually jump into the water you cannot start swimming.

Setting Goals Which Are Too Short Term: As “network marketers” We should have a long term vision for what we want to achieve. While promotional efforts should be done with some regularity, results generally come only after sustained efforts for a few months and in some cases a few years! You should really follow the training and system of the company or program your involved in and give it a fair trial.

Lack of Commitment: There is one major factor which decides between success and failure. That factor is YOU – your mindset and motivation level. Nothing else really matters as much. My idea is not to scare anyone. I am only trying to emphasize the point that your success is well within your reach – you only have to reach out.

Video: Network Marketers Stop Struggling Today!

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