Recruiting Mastery Webinar: Lessons From Ray Higdon

recruiting mastery webinarSo I recently watched Ray Higdon’s Recruiting Mastery Webinar. As I have previously stated many times in my blog posts and videos, I really do embrace personal development and I am always striving to be the best me I can be. I also believe that YOU should too!

Anyway enough about me this post is about giving you so valuable tips that I took away from this product I purchased from Ray Higdon. You can pick up this product right now for a limited time for only $7! >> Recruiting Mastery Webinar <<

Anyway I hope you get value from what I’m sharing from Ray’s recruiting mastery webinar and by the way, that link is in no way associated with me, I just really value good content and highly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling to get people to show up to a meeting or watch your presentation.

What You Will Learn From Ray’s Recruiting Mastery Webinar

  • Why prospects are not showing up or watching the video.
  • Why you or your team get frustrated with prospecting.
  • Why you are afraid of your warm market.
  • The biggest profits you are missing out on.

and how you can correct each of these to get bigger and better results.

The Biggest Take Away I Got From Ray Higdon’s Recruiting Mastery Webinar

So the biggest takeaway I got from this product was how and what to say to your prospects to get more of them to show up for a meeting or watch you presentation.

and to get more prospects to show up is easier than you might think it just requires YOU to ask the right questions.

Example Questions:

  • Side project?
  • Multiple streams of income?
  • Part time vacation money?
  • Options open?
  • Ever wish you had more time to spend with loved ones?

Just find out which one best suits you, but don’t stress about it and remember that someone wil and some won’t join you, the key is not to get addicted to the outcome, you are just looking for people who are open thats all!

Now I know what your thinking well I already ask these type of questions, but they still don’t turn up! Well…… Have you ever heard that saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it?” Well you can if you put salt in their food!

Here is how you can make your prospects thirsty! Video: Recruiting Mastery Webinar Questions.



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