How to find people online for your network marketing business!

Network Marketing BusinessI often get asked, “hey Billy, how do I find people online for my network marketing business ?” So I thought the best way to answer this question would be do to a blog post on the subject. So in today’s post I will share with you a few places online where you can find people that are looking to start a “network marketing business” and how you can best reach out to these people.

So if you have ever ran out of people to talk about your network marketing business, chances are you have looked online to find more people to connect with or talk to about your opportunity. I know speaking from my personal experiences, my warm market was burnt, turned to ashes, so I literally had no other option other than to go out into the big wide world and speak to people about my business. I started prospecting strangers in the street, walking into business premises and speaking to business owners, I would really try anything to get my opportunity presentation in front of people.

In a hour or two I could approach 100 people, 90 would say NO without even hearing what I had to offer, 10 would say YES and of those 10 maybe 3 would sit down with me to have an appointment  (if I was lucky to actually get an appointment) then maybe I would get a sign up.

The problem I encountered with this way of building my network marketing business, firstly it was not a very good way of leveraging my time, because I would spend alot of my time chasing up these leads or they wouuld not show up (part of the process I know, but I hate time wasters) and the second reason I found was that, it wasn’t duplicatable amongst my team, they either did not enjoy doing it (who would? lol) or they didn’t want to!

So I decided to look online to firstly leverage my time and also find a way in which I could easily get anyone who joined my team to do the same and get them results quickly!

Finding People Online To Speak To About Your Network Marketing Business!

So there are a few places we can search online to find people to speak to about our network marketing opportunity and below are some of the best places I have found when looking for people wanting to join a network marketing business.

Social Media

More or less every man and his dog are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc…  infact thousands and thousands of network marketers or people looking to start a network marketing business are on social media. So use the search bar at the top of these sites, for search terms like ‘people who like network marketing’  #networkmarketing or even sales professionals and reachout to these people, send them a message, connect with them and find out if they are open to looking at your opportunity? To find out how I find people on LinkedIn and Twitter checkout my latest blog post on these subjects.


Now forums are a great place to look for people online, again there are thousands of people looking to join a company or change company and they ask all sorts of questions on forums. For example, ‘How To Find People To Speak To About My Network Marketing Business?’ Now there is a trick to this strategy and its more for the advance marketer, however I have seen some newbies do very well with it. It basically involves you offering value and answering the questions that have been asked by the people in these forums and using a call to action at the end of your answer. This is a bit more of a passive way of finding people, but if you answer 10 questions a day (takes 10 minutes) and place a link to your website in your call to action, chances are once you become a regular participant in these forums, your going to get leads or people reach out to you asking you questions about your network marketing business and how they can join.

Classified Sites

Now there are some restrictions to what you can place on these sites. Most do not allow you to place ads that are promoting network marketing or MLM companies so you will need to make sure to be careful with your wording, but I place my ads in the sales section and I always place a link to a survey at the bottom and get the prospects to fill out the survey. For the example on the questions I use in these surveys click here

Video: How To Find People Online To Speak To About Your Network Marketing Business

So there you have it how to find people online to speak to about your network marketing opportunity, I hope you got value! If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

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