MLM Leads How To Recruit More Using The Phone

mlm leadsI believe that knowing how to recruit people into your business is the single most important skill you must learn in your network marketing career and any business for that matter.

More importantly calling your MLM leads is a CRITICAL part of the process!  When you get this part of the equation right you will more than DOUBLE your MLM conversions.

The good news is that calling MLM leads is nothing like calling purchased leads, opportunity leads, biz opp seekers, or cold calling.

These leads would be mlm leads that you have already qualified, leads that you may have spoken to or opted in to your list. so here we can focus on positioning YOU as a leader. If your in an MLM company your #1 target market is either current network marketers or people actively seeking information on our industry.  And guess what?


97% of network marketers are out there hammering away, pitching their businesses, and spending more money than they’re making because of it.

You see… the top earners in the network marketing industry understand the fact that network marketers are your best prospects and that they are looking for someone of value, someone who can guide them to the promised land.  So how do you do this? Its simple by associating yourself with the right people and getting the right training, YOU now become that leader!

Using The Phone To Recruit Your MLM Leads

Keep this one vital point in mind when you are calling back your MLM leads:


The point of all of this is to provide your mlm leads with incredible value and that’s it!  When you do this properly, which you will if you’re using the correct funnels (I will talk more about that in the video below) you will begin to build trust and a solid relationship with your prospects because you’re not just another car salesman trying to make a sale… instead, you’re giving them VALUE and giving them what they want, which is more leads and more money for their business.

When your prospects realize this you will become even more attractive.  As your mlm leads see how much value you hold, how much value is behind the curtain of what you have to offer and the fact that they’re tired of struggling using marketing methods that simply do not work, you will generate more sign-ups.  Remember if done corrrectly your mlm leads would have RESPONDED TO YOUR WEBSITE AND REQUESTED YOUR HELP, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

And when you become an expert at this process and your mlm leads learn to know, like, and trust you, you will get people asking you what your MLM / Home Business is with their credit card in hand ready to join whatever you tell them to!

It really is that simple!

Want to know how you can implment what Im talking about here ito your business? Watch the short video below!


3 Really BIG Things To Keep In Mind When Using The Phone To Recruit Your MLM Leads


2)  KEEP THESE INITIAL CONVERSATIONS TO 5-10 MINUTES MAX!  You are a successful business owner and your time is extremely valuable.  Even if you’re feeling a connection with your prospect, after 10 minutes say something like…

“You know what Mr. Prospect, I’d love to hear more about your experience in this industry and get to know you a bit better, but right now I’m in the middle of calling back a ton of leaders who have requested my assistance in building their home business.  Why don’t you go back to, review the website, and get a better feel for what we do here.  Sign-up for the risk-free trial (if you have one) and put us to the test to see if we’re the real deal.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Call me if you have any additional questions and be on the look-out for some webinar invitations from me on a weekly basis.(If your company has these invitations, maybe its a presentation evening, invite them to attend) We provide (Tell them what your company will provide them if they join)  It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to working with you.”

3)  YOU MUST PAINT A PICTURE FOR YOUR PROSPECTS!  Find out what it is that is hurting them the most… is it the fact that they’ve run out of people to talk to belly to belly?  Are they tired of using corporate replicated websites that simply do not work?  Are they tired of struggling to generate any mlm leads to their business?  Do they hate their MLM / home business? (heck, you might get a sign-up in your home business right on the spot!)

Either way, whatever is the most painful detail of their business YOU must be able to paint a picture and provide the solution to their #1 problem.  Inspire them…

For example, you may get something like this….

Mr. Prospect:  “I’m so sick & tired of walking up to people and pitching my business on the initial handshake.  My upline keeps telling me that’s what we do here, but it’s not working for me and I don’t want to build my business in this fashion.  I know the internet is the key, but I don’t know the first thing about internet marketing or building a business online.


“Ok Mr. Prospect… well what if I could provide a solution for you.  What if I could provide a system that you and your team could plug into that would get you online TODAY with the exact sales funnels, websites, and marketing approach that every single top earner in this industry uses.  And on top of that, what if you could learn directly from 7-Figure Internet marketers exactly how to drive 50+ laser-targeted leads to YOU every single day.  Do you think that could help build your business?”


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