What You Can Learn About Marketing From The Big Guns

How to design good marketing strategies that will suit your company – its size, growth potential, and area of work – is a major question in every blog owner’s mind. Where to start? First, ask yourself: how did I learn all the things I know about life and how to live it? Well, by watching those older than yourself in your environment, such as parents and older siblings.

So, why not study and dissect the marketing strategies of bigger and more successful companies, and try to apply them to your own business. Everybody knows these companies, but the most important things is that people trust them.

How do they manage to stay on top of their game? They work on creating and strengthening relationships with their customers. Here are some of the big-gun marketing tactics and ways you can put them to work for your company.

Marketing Strategies From The Big Gunsmarketing strategies

FORD: Stay consistent

It seems that more and more people today are not taking their own word seriously and do not give their best at being reliable. Ford is a company that has always had consistent with its branding, and that is exactly what has made them so reliable.

The story of Henry Ford is well-known to the world, while the company’s identity firmly stands the test of time. The fact that the company’s CEO is actively and directly interacting with customers through social media shows how Ford carefully listens to its customers’ needs.

Nothing about your name and brand will stick in your customers’ minds if you frequently consider changing your logo and messages. Develop a compelling and unique value for your brand, and keep repeating it.

STARBUCKS: Forge connections

The original promise was to work on bringing people together. After experiencing a downslide a few years ago, Starbucks got on its feet and became more focused on creating connections, which is the reason they are here.

They designed their stores so people can interact more easily – large tables, rooms for meetings and groups, in-store music and free Wi-Fi. Everything there revolves around discovery, creation, and connection. People are sharing and business is happening.

Starbucks became very successful and, even though there are startups that do well in the same niche, there is still no company that can match Starbucks, due to their innovative approach. If you are a young entrepreneur, you should study and understand competitors’ strategies’ and category norms to see how you can turn them to your advantage.

COCA-COLA: Sell happiness

This is the main weapon in marketing for the world’s largest beverage producer. They continue to try to promote, develop, and create happiness, and push that message through all customer contact points – from social media to vending machines. “The Pause That Refreshes”.

Coca-Cola takes the idea of enjoyment and spontaneity and infuses it everywhere. Their heritage and longevity ensure them a strong corporate identity, and they never forget where they came from and why they started, and that makes their customers trust them, and customer trust is evidently important.

NIKE: Can-do attitude

The most known producer of sports equipment has an interesting motto, aiming to inspire athletes around the world – “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” The company is very customer-focused and gives its best to find new ways of inspiring and motivating athletes. Their “Just Do It” slogan really invites everyone to be their best.

Nike is innovative in technologies (such as their Dri-Fit fabrics and Nike Air cushioning), and it makes their customers very trustful. Customers are trusting because they believe you know what you are doing. Also, the company’s co-founder, Phil Knight, is still involved with the company’s operations, and that is a strong reason for people to respect the brand. It shows that the leadership has not been handed over numerous times, and there is a person who has been around from the start, keeping the company close to its roots.

AMAZON: Get personal

Due to their exceptional customer experience, functionality, and product accessibility, Amazon gets the highest scores in every individual trust value query. The online retailer created a strong and trusted brand. They made a great online network marketing strategy, and with millions of products accessible 24/7, user reviews, and an excellent browse and search technology, created a one-of-a-kind purchase experience. When we add free shipping on orders over a minimum total, low prices, quick shopping options and one-click ordering, it is not hard to understand why they are so successful.

These things could be perceived as impersonal, but Amazon gives their best in creating relationships with consumers by providing user reviews, ratings, suggesting complementary purchases and recommending items based on previous purchases. Giving your customers an opportunity to forge a personal bond with your company is invaluable for strengthening your brand.

You can start by reading up on other’s network marketing strategies and start developing one of your own. The most effective marketing strategies, as we can see from the big guns, are directed towards forging a strong personal relationship with consumers and providing an exceptional customer experience. It is of great importance to create a base of trustful and loyal customers. By managing this, be sure that your marketing efforts will result in creating a bullet-proof brand.

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