Life Lessons Learned From My 3 Year Old Nephew!

Life lessonsI recently spent a couple of days with my 3 year old nephew, getting up to to mischief, playing and just doing what kids do best! That’s the great thing about kids, they have no care in the world and really know how to enjoy life, we can all learn some valuable life lessons from kids.

The reason I believe kids often teach the best life lessons, is because they’re not yet jaded by the world and tend to live with inspiring optimism and courage.

I always hear talk about what we are teaching our children and what they are learning from us – but if we only focus on one side of this teaching/learning relationship, we are missing some of the greatest examples of our lives. The Following are just 3 important life lessons I learnt from spending the day with my nephew.

3 Important Life Lessons From Spending Some Time With My Nephew Cohen feeding the ducks


Be Yourself

Be exactly who you are, not just a replica of someone else, or a filtered-out version of who you think other people want you to be.  Authenticity (the real you) is what builds connections and relationships – why bother with anything less?

Enjoy What Life has to offer and Just Be Happy

Your mood is actually up to you – it is a choice you can make any time of any day in any situation. Kids automatically default to happiness and so can you, its all a choice! We all tend to get caught up in the everyday routines of life, so take time to reflect and enjoy what your life has to offer.

Be fearless

When did our lives shift from fearlessness to playing it safe and basing our decisions so heavily around avoiding risk?  If we let fear get in the way, we trade innovation for stagnation… genius for mediocrity … adventure for boredom.  Which sounds better to you?

Fun on the slide

Cohen on my shoulders 2










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