Life Lessons From My Day in Court!

Corruption-In-Portsmouth-Magistrates-CourtI just want to start off this post with a moment of gratitude. Truly am grateful for the person who decided to use my name to skip a train fare last year.

Thanks a bunch twat face 😉 lol

I feel this story needs a bit of context before I start with the lessons I learnt from my day in court.

So in January of this year I had a letter drop through my door in a brown envelope. Now you only ever get those letters from government institutions.

So to my surprise when I opened that letter. There was a private bailiff company demanding payment of £364.70 using court documents. (I researched the address online that’s how I know they were a private enforcement company)

So like anyone would do in this situation, they would demand to know what this was about and ask them to provide proof, which this company failed to do. They claimed I had failed to present a valid train ticket in Fareham on 27/06/2014, but still did not provide proof. That was the last correspondence from this company.

Until I get a letter through my door a couple weeks ago from the same company stating this time that they had placed an attachment of earnings order on the company I work for. Can’t provide proof that I committed this alleged offence, so they decided to illegally try and force money from me.

Unfortunately the company I work for believed they’re bullshit. So I had no other option to ring Portsmouth Magistrates Court and put a stop to this.

They agreed I could do a statutory declaration and that would resolve this matter, since I wasn’t aware of any previous court hearings or had not received a summons.

Its important to note I had no intention of doing a statutory declaration even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. I’ve heard and seen enough and now witnessed first hand myself how corrupt our justice system is and how they just steam roll every decision completely ignoring the facts.

So I remembered listening to a video a while ago by Guy Taylor where he was explaining that the authorities don’t understand common law and that you have to use their own statutory instruments against them to defeat them on their own turf.

So I had my court date and my intentions set for an epic battle. Watch the video below to get the rest of the story.

He Who Leaves The Battlefield First Loses By Default

4 Life Lessons From My Day In Court

1. Don’t take Shit from anyone! This world can be cruel at times and it will beat you down if you let it. So stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone try to walk all over you.

2. Look fear in the Face and Laugh! Its so easy to be fearful especially when your in a place where there is that illusion of power and authority over you. Just because someone is in a position of power doesn’t necessarily mean they earned it or really have it. Once you let go of that fear, you liberate yourself from your problems.

3. There’s always a way out. No matter how bad your situation gets. Remember someone else has been in that same situation as you and came out the other side. So if they can overcome their problems, so can you!

4. You can achieve anything you set your mind too. When you set your intentions and act upon them, you can achieve remarkable things. I am proof of that. Someone who has no law background and or special qualifications in the subject, but can go into court with a little research and win my case hands down.

So there you have it. I will keep you updated as this progresses.

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