Leverage YouTube Marketing: 5 Ways To Improve Sales

leverage youtube marketingOk so your looking for some ways to leverage YouTube marketing to improve your traffic and sales!

If you’re new to this blog, a sincere welcome to you and if you’re here, then it’s because you want to improve your marketing skills.

You have probably built a loyal following around your products using social media.

Consistently putting out great content on your blog and YouTube channel, but it’s not moving fast as you would like and your looking for ways to leverage YouTube marketing to drive more traffic, gain more attention for your brand and make more sales.

If this sounds like you then good news I am about to share with you 5 Simple ways in which you can leverage YouTube to increase your marketing effectiveness

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5 ways to Leverage YouTube Marketing.

1. Contact Existing YouTube Channels.

Pick a niche, any niche and you will almost always find someone who has an authority channel / someone well established or recognised as an industry expert in that niche.

These channels get huge amounts of traffic and exposure and one of the easiest ways is to reach out to that channel owner and ask to have you link placed in one of there videos or a link in their description.

You can either pay them or some might even be kind enough to do it fro Free. This technique works extremely well especially if you are in a highly competitive market. For example the gaming niche.

2. Automated software to write your descriptions.

Use automated software like Article Builder to write your articles for your descriptions.

If you have seen my blog post on the importance of having an optimised description for your YouTube marketing. Then I high recommend you check that out. Click here for your YouTube Video Description Template

3. Automate your Social media syndication.

Use websites and apps like syndwire and onlywire to share your YouTube Video’s to all your Social media channels.

You can also use social media management tools like HootSuite and Snowy

Don’t have the time to create all those social profiles? Pay someone on Fiverr.com to create the accounts for you. Any great marketers knows that to truly Leverage YouTube Marketing, then there is a need to outsource some of the work.

A new website / browser extension I have just started using is called tubebuddy.com

It allows you to upload your YouTube Video’s directly to Facebook. This is a huge opportunity and saves you an enormous amount time uploading videos to both of these sites.

Here’s a short tutorial explaining how it works: https://youtu.be/fT1u6gNTp78

4. Link to your Competitors Video’s / Channel.

One of the fastest ways to “leverage youtube marketing” is to link to your competitors video’s or channel’s. This will create a good standing and rapport with YouTube, because they will recognise that you are uploading quality content, but also linking to other valuable content within the community. YouTube really value the community and user experience, remember that.

There is also another benefit to this strategy and that is, by linking to authority channels and video’s that are currently ranking for terms you want to rank for. You will get a piece of their traffic. It works like this. I have a new YouTube channel promoting the sale of flight tickets for United Airlines. I currently have 16 video’s on that channel (none of which are even ranking on the first 20 pages of Google / YouTube) but they all get traffic and I make on average around $40 a week from those video’s.

How I’m doing this is simple. I place links at the bottom of my YouTube description recommending United Airlines Top 3 Video’s and also a link to their channel. So whenever someone views a United Airlines video, after that video has finished playing my video/s appear in the suggested viewing section on the right hand side or in the video frame itself.

You do this long enough with consistently linking to your competitors video’s and channels you will syphon off some of their traffic.

5. Don’t Neglect the Value of SEO. 

The fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google cannot be stressed enough, and the two work well together. Really well in fact, since I started l started implementing seo tactics in my YouTube Marketing. In 6 months I took my blog from 200 unique visitors a month to over 1500 a month and still growing.

Even though Google’s algorithm is top secret, it seems that a YouTube video with proper meta data (tags, title, description) has a greater chance of ranking high in search results than a blog post alone. YouTube videos also appear in Google search results. So you can effectively get traffic from 3 sources (more if you include other search engines) these 3 sources are YouTube, Google Web Search Results and Google Video Search Results.

So there you have it, 5 ways to leverage YouTube marketing.

I hope you got value! If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below with your thoughts of this subject and shared on social media. Also remember to subscribe to keep updated on my latest content.

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