How To Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Magnet!

Lead MagnetSo if you have been online for some time now, you will understand the concepts of attraction marketing, becoming a lead magnet and branding yourself as a leader and there is no better way to do this than having your own blog.

Now I come across alot of blogs out there, they look really great, but they arent doing alot in converting that traffic that they are getting into leads!

So I hope some of these tips I share with you here today can really help you to generate leads and turn your blog into a lead magnet!

How Not To Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Magnet!

  • Don’t end your blog post with ‘To your success, Billy’ or the script signature I see alot of people use or something along those lines. (Now its important to note, that I do, do this, but I do not end my blog posts there I always have a clear call to action after my signature)
  • Don’t hide your link to your capture page, assuming people know to click it. Make it very clear for people to see and give them clear instructions to go check it out.

Some Useful Resources To Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Magnet!


  • WordPress plugin: What Would Seth Godin Do: Is a Free wordpress plugin which displays a custom welcome message to new visitors and another to return visitors. You’ll find mine at the bottom of this blog post.

What Would Seth Godin Do?


  •  WP Footer Ad: adds a banner in the footer of your blog. All users who visit your blog will see a clickable banner at the bottom of their browser. Its a really useful plugin to advertise your products or services, affiliate links, etc.. For WP Footer always manages to attract the attention of your users.

Wordpress Footer Ad


  • A Strong Call To Action: Having a strong call to action will make all the difference when it comes to creating a lead magnet blog. The best advice I can give you, when it comes to the call to action is…. “Never under-estimate / over-estimate people and the actions they take.” So make it clear what you want them to do next!



  • Optin Form: Your Optin Form is the most important thing everyone should have on their blog. The optin form should have a strong call to action and should be placed on the top right hand side of your blog page.


So there you have it, how to turn your blog into a “Lead Magnet” I hope you got value! If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.



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