Instagram tips: 3 simple steps to get 5 leads per day!

instagram tipsInstagram Tips – How To Get 5+ Targeted Leads On Instagram Per Day And Build A Loyal Following

With more than 200 million active monthly users, Instagram has exploded to be one of the most visited websites on the internet, if your not marketing your business on this platform then you are missing out big time.  In todays blog post I am going to share with you a 3 simple step system to get 5 leads per day. Now before we get started I just want to say I am not going to go into the technical stuff or how and what to post. Stay to the end though because I will share with you an hour long free training with more instagram tips.

Instagram Tips – The Basics

So know what Instagram is about is key to getting it right. So Im going to share with you a few quick tips you can do for 10 minutes a day max to get you generating leads. First thing you need to do is go down load the app and set up a profile. The thing to remember is Instagram is a mobile platform and you can only post images. You can also post videos, but they can only be a max of 15 seconds. The thing that what makes this great for marketing your business, is because every man and his dog are on their phones these days! lol 🙂

Instagram Tips: Setting up your profile

  • You need a good picture, something that your smiling in and they can see your face.
  • You want to add a short bio, what your page is about or what you do.
  • Make sure you have a link in your bio – Important thing to remember you cannot post clickable links in your posts. Links are only clickable from your bio.
  • Hashtags (#) are a big deal – If you post #WorkFromHome underneath your picture, whenever someone searches for that hashtag they will find your content. So you definitely want to be using hashtags.

Daily Routine – The Magic number is 3-5

  • Post 3- 5 times per day
  • Reach out and respond to 3-5 people per day

First step to 5 Leads/Day

  • Google the TOP Searched Hashtags for your field/niche

Second step to 5 Leads/Day

  • Start using more of those hashtags in your posts.

Third step to 5 Leads/Day

  • Respond & Reach out for example interact with those comment on your posts and then reach out to them.
  • A good rule of thumb for responding and reaching out to people, not only do you want to just be doing the passive stuff, posting pics and waiting for people to respond. You also want to be searching for those who are also using the same hashtags and connect with them.

Instagram Tips: Structuring the follow up

  1. Compliment the photo/content on their profile
  2. Tell them you’d love to connect
  3. Ask them to click click the link in your bio to connect or ask them how you can find them on FB.

Check out this short video below on these Instagram Tips.



So just a quick recap on these Instagram tips. One – search the most popular hashtags in your field. Two – Post about those topics with those hashtags in the descriptions. and number Three – Interact with 3-5 people per day and tell people to click the link in your bio. If you follow these 3 simple steps I promise you, you will start to see some results in your business.

What do you guys think? I would love to know your thoughts! Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.








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