Identify Your Gift & Share It With The World

giftSo here we are lesson on life number 2 and in this lesson George I want you to understand the importance of identifying your gift and then sharing that gift with the world.

Pablo Picasso once said; ” The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

You see we all have a unique gift / talent that we were born with, but most never identify or even worse never use it to live a truly magical life!

For those that share their gifts with the world live life in so much abundance, but those who do not are just living an mediocre existence! (My opinion of course) but is it better to live your life sharing your passion and truly loving what you do? Or is it better to live your life working paycheck to paycheck miserable and wondering what life could be like if you shared your unique gift or talent with the world?

I know which one I choose everytime.

Identify Your Gift and Make That Jump For Success

Now when your old enough to fully understand what I have written here. I want you to come back and really study what it is I am saying and just go do whatever it is you really want to do with your life!

We only have one life on this planet so you might aswell spend it doing something which you love!

So with that said I want to leave you with a couple of pieces of content. One of which is a 5 minute audio that I listen to every morning and the other is a video from Steve Harvey speaking to his audience on this exact same topic.


Lewis Howes: You Are Limitless

Steve Harvey: Take That Jump

Really study the words that are written and spoken here and you will truly understand what it takes to live a life full of abundance!

You have a gift inside you that the world wants to see, let the world see it.

Lots of love

Dad x x x x


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