Grant Cardone: How To Use The 10x Rule In Your Life!

The 10x RuleI recently read the book The 10x Rule written by Grant Cardone.

I love this book the 10x Rule is spot on! It boldly takes on the biggest issue most people skip and then wonder why they didn’t reach their goals or achieve success. How  to 10x your life? Its quite simple really, Its called WORK!


That’s right work, hard work and dedication. I am not beating around the bush with this post. If you want something, you need to be putting in 10x more effort, 10x more focus, 10x more commitment to achieve your goals and desires.

At the very start of this book there is a quote from Grant Cardone

“Anyone that suggests to me to do less is either not a real friend or very confused.”

What is the 10x Rule?

The 10X Rule is the idea that you need to multiply everything by 10 when planning on doing something. Grant says that not doing this causes most people to fail when they set out to do something for the following reasons.

1) They grossly underestimate the amount of time, money and effort it will take to achieve. People think about and plan from a best case scenario and then panic and quit when things take more than they anticipated.


2) They don’t set their goals high enough for the amount of work to be worth it. He says that most people set their goals just high enough to make achieving them feel like work, not like success.

Use The 10x Rule To Achieve Massive Succcess

Who wants to be average or slightly above average? I certainly don’t! You were all born to be great, so go be the greatest you can be!

If the first part of the 10X Rule tells us we’re going to have to work are asses off anyway, the second part tells us to set goals high enough to really appreciate the effort. If your going to be thinking, you might as well be thinking big anyway! Right?

Life is ultimately what you make of it. If you think just reading this book any other book on success will change your life your greatly mistaken. It all starts with you, your mindset and your attitude towards working towards whatever it is your working towards. So if you want to have more success, get better results and achieve your dreams and goals, you need to apply the lessons taught here.

Overall I really liked it and the lessons taught in this book. Besides the lesson of doing more Grant also covers a lot the mindset and habits that successful people share, things that anyone can model in their own lives to increase the level of success they can achieve. I’m really glad that my friend Munir recommended the book to me and I can second that recommendation if you’re looking for a book to help you sharpen your overall success mindset.

So what do you think? Does this idea of the 10 X Rule give you a different perspective on things like it did for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post a comment below with any questions or comments you might have.

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