How to use linkedin for recruiting people into your business!

how to use linkedin for recruitingLearning how to recruit new reps into your business is the number one skill needed in a network marketers career and in today’s post I will share with you a cool tip on how to use linkedin for recruiting.

This strategy has now become my number one focus for building my network marketing business and I have used Linkedin Marketing to enroll 5 plus people here in the last week from around the globe.  Today, I want to teach you exactly how to use LinkedIn for recruiting and setting up local appointments not just in your network marketing business but any business.




It is big and something that you can take to your teams, who can also have massive success with it! You and your team can learn a lot from what I am going to show you today!

Local Appointments & How To Use LinkedIn For Recruiting

So when it comes to network marketing, we all know that to build it very very big, we need to develop our local markets and build it belly to belly. That is how you build really really fast.

I have been looking at ways to be able to use LinkedIn in local markets, ways to allow you to be able to rock your business. The reason this is so huge to understand, because social media is here to stay and once you really understand how to harness its ful potential you can take your recruting to the next level.

So I did a quick video to share with you EXACTLY what I have doing lately to leverage LinkedIn and to show you “how to use LinkedIn for recruiting” in your business.

In the video below you will see just how you can do this! Make sure you share this one to your friends and team mates!

How To Use LinkedIn For Recruiting Video

Invite message

I see we are both members of the (Group name) and I would love to know more about what you do and get connected here on LinkedIn

– (your name)

Connection Message

Hi (their name)

Thank you for adding me to your network! So great to connect with you!

I hope your week has gotten off to great start. I’d love to know more about what you do – and help you any way I can.

(Their name), I am an executive recruiter with a (health and wellness/ travel/ beauty) company that is agressively expanding in the (you local town name) Market and we are looking for some sharp people to help with the expansion.

I don’t reach out to everyone and I have no idea if making money on the side of what you do is even an interest, but based on resume , you seem like the type of person we are looking for. So I thought I would at least see if you were open, or perhaps know someone bright like yourself who might be. If not its no big deal.

I’d love to help you any way I can.

Please let me know either way

Take care

(your name)

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