It’s so great to meet you! My name is Billy Jury and if we have never met before than I’m honoured that your here.

I’m a Blogger, Marketing Consultant and Home Business Owner.

Basically, I know marketing and I love showing people How to Start a Home Business Doing What they Love!

You can learn more about me here on my Blog but I want this page to be all about YOU and getting your home business up and running.

If you already have a business and you’re here on this page, check out the cool resources I share below!

I originally started my first blog back in 2010, but after pursuing other avenues I just forgot about it, huge mistake on my behalf. So I started this blog in 2014 to show people how to start a home business, this has quickly grown by putting my content in front of more targeted people.

So if you have a product, service or opportunity that you want to get in front of more people, Blogging is one of the best, most effective ways to do this and when you incorporate that with my simple formula I will share with you below you will have more, subscribers, clients, sales, leads etc… that you can ever wish for.

If you don’t have a blog. I highly recommend you go start one and this guide will help you.

I have outlined in a few easy steps how to start a home business doing what you love, I have done my best to try and give you everything you need to get your business off the ground and running, but like everything in life its a learning process. So please take this knowledge as base point and expand and grow from there.



It’s weird how this works, but immediately when you have a Personally Branded Blog, people tend to take you more seriously and they trust you as a credible expert and honestly its really not that hard, even if you don’t feel like your an expert, just by sharing a little knowledge you learnt in the form of a blog post. YOU BECOME THAT EXPERT!


When you can get your potential buyers to trust you, you can make sales a whole lot easier.


I work part time (I’m working on walking away from it), 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts I am also trying to raise my son who is 4 months old at the time of writing this. So I know what its like, to not have an awful amount of time especially with the hectic lives we all lead today. However I can write my posts and upload video’s and images right from my mobile device. Then all it takes is a few moments to edit quickly on a laptop and your done. So for those of you who are just starting out and in a similar situation it can be done, you just have to be consistent.

For those of you who are fortunate enough, to not have to work for someone else, you can take your computer with you anywhere in the world and work, or not work, when and where you choose. To be able to have this ability is awesome, but more importantly, it’s awesome to be able to teach this to others. I can’t tell you how many stay at home mom’s and dads I’ve spoken to and learnt from and they have all said because of having a home business they are able to stay at home with their kids while earning a living through blogging.


If you set it up right your blog can work for you 24/7! and this can all be done through leverage.More importantly levering a system. If you have ever seen Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant you will know what I am talking about.



Robert explains how The Rich/Wealthy work (or don’t work lol).
Rather than you working for your money and trading your all your precious time for dollars. You need to start looking at how you can have your money work for you.

The faster you can move into the ‘Business Owner / Investor’ square of the quadrant, the faster you’ll be on your way to operating like the 5% do. 

Having a blog allows me to work like the ‘business owner / Investor’.

I can publish a blog post, and once I hit the Publish button, that blog post is out on the internet working for me 24/7, bringing visitors to my blog, generating leads and making sales!

I love Automation!


Obviously us Entrepreneurs have to start somewhere, and if you already have a business you’ll understand the importance of Networking.

Before my blog I had to rustle up business in every way I could:

  • Networking Meetings
  • Group Presentations
  • Coffee Meetings
  • Craigslist Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Cold Market Prospecting
  • Cold calls

and the list goes on.

Now, I have an actionable and scale-able marketing plan with my blog and instead of hunting for business, the business comes to me.

Working smarter & harder 😉


I’ve been consistently blogging for a year now so I’ve almost seen it all when it comes to blogs, so to save you time and making the same mistakes I have. I thought I’d share the most common Blogging Mistakes I’ve seen.


The problem with these FREE platforms is, that you DO NOT own any content that you post on there. Don’t believe me? Just read the term and conditions of any of these platforms.

You always, always, always want to have your blog built on a self hosted WordPress site.

Yes, you have to pay a small amount for hosting (about 4-6 quid a month) but you now own your site.

It would be such a nightmare if you spent years creating content on your blog and building up your community and then one day that Free blogging site went out of business or your account got shut down.

Could you imagine? Your whole blog, brand and business gone….Poof, years of work gone!

In the video instructions below I’ll show you how to set this up the right way.


You have to ask yourself, “What’s the Main Goal of Your Blog?”

If it’s to generate leads and sales then you’ll want someone designing it that understands conversions and marketing.

I see too many pretty little blogs out there that look good, but they’re not generating leads and sales.

Do you want your blog to look pretty or to make money?

Understanding your target audience (your perfect buyer) is super important when you build your blog.

If you stay connected to me, I’ll share with you some cool exercises that will help you to understand your perfect buyer and where they’re hanging out online!

Discovering Your Blogging Skills

You will find once you start blogging that you will naturally have a preference for one of five skills. I have outlined them below with a quiz taken from the book. Born To Blog by Mark W. Schaefer. In this book Mark teaches How to build your blog for personal and business success, one post at a time. I highly recommend you check out this book here: Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time

The Five Skills: 





To Learn more about these five skills checkout my blog post where I cover them in more detail:

Born To Blog Skills Quiz

Score each score 1 = Never, 2 = Rarely, 3 = Sometimes, 4 = Frequently, 5 = Very Frequently. Add the points in each section get your score for that skill.


1. Do you approach your problems with a blank slate, preferring to try new approaches?

2. Are you suspicious of rules of thumb, believing that they inhibit creativity?

3. Are you drawn to people and leaders who focus on innovation and creative thinking?

4. Have you been labelled as an idealist and been encouraged to keep your feet on the ground?


1. Do you reflexively identify the characters and plot in day-to-day situations?

2. Are you designated ‘talker’ in group situations?

3. Are you nurturing a dream of publishing a novel?

4. Are fiction books at the top of your ‘Best Books’ list?


1. Do you have to hold your tongue at dinner parties to avoid offending guests?

2. Do your friends know exactly where you stand on political and religious issues?

3. Are you comfortable with debate and conflict?

4. Do you distrust people who are unwilling to stand up for what they believe?


1.Do you like process, steps and clear instructions?

2.Do you get a thrill out of showing someone a new skill?

3. Do you have a knack for explaining complicated subjects?

4. Are you often asked to lead discussions or present new material?


1. Do you love to collect and organise unique objects, stories or experiences?

2. Do people mention your good taste and eye for detail?

3. Do you feel comfortable with making subject based lists?

4. Do you feel drawn to art, fashion, photography and creative pursuits?

Review your scores and pay special attention to the areas where you scored the highest. Areas where you scored 16 or higher indicate a strong preference for that skill. Scores of 8 or lower for an area point to a weak preference for that skill. You may have several areas with relatively high scores. This means that you have a couple of core skills to draw upon. That’s perfectly normal and you will have more content writing options and appeal to a broader audience.

Understanding Your Skills

The important thing is to understand your strong skills and be aware of skills you may be weak in. For example, you may find it difficult to write a ‘How-To’ blog post if you scored low for the teacher skill. If you have a blog, compare your skill preference to the type of posts on your blog. If you struggle with writing content, its likely that you aren’t using your dominant skill. Most often this happens when a person tries to copy another bloggers style.

New bloggers can get focussed and use the skill test to start out strong with blog posts that match up with their particular skill preference. Stay clear of posts that require proficiency with a skill that you are weak in. You don’t have to ignore these areas forever; just get momentum going with the stronger posts. Work on strengthening other areas as you get more comfortable with blogging and get a feel for your audiences needs.

With the following video instructions below I will give you everything you need to know on how to start a home business doing what you love from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

How to start a home business

How to Start a Home Business – Video Instructions On Installing WordPress.



Hosting (as low as $3.95/mo)

I use am currently using Godaddy at the time the video above was produced, but there are better hosting services out there who have amazing rates, great servers and outstanding customer service. Some even throw in a free domain registration with your initial set up. How cool is that? 🙂

Walk Through Guide To Setting up Your Blog With These Hosting Services:




A Domain Name (Free with Hosting Set Up)

If you set up a domain name with your Bluehost Hosting via the link above, you’ll get a free domain registration!

If you already have hosting set up and you want to secure a new domain name, you can generally do this through your hosting company, but I’ve found it to be more expensive if you do it that way (Godaddy is the exception to this rule though).

A resource that I like for domain registration is GoDaddy. The domains are priced better and they have great customer service.

A couple tips when picking a domain name:

If you’re goal is to create a Personal Brand pick your name as the domain name. My domain name is and it works perfectly to Brand me. If you’re name isn’t available try to pick something close to your name like or or

Get creative if you need to, but pick your name.

If you’re building a company blog then use your company name.

WordPress (Free)

When you set up your hosting and you follow the steps in the video above, you’ll see how easy it is to install WordPress on your domain. This is the ONLY blog platform that you should be using for many reasons, but just trust me and the thousands of other bloggers out there…. you want a WordPress Blog.

A Decent Blog Theme. 

A Decent theme is what’s going to get your blog to stand out. The theme will create the design infrastructure for your blog and there are thousands of them out there to choose from. Prices range anything from Free – really expensive, but you can generally pick up a decent blog theme from as little as ($29) but if your on a real tight budget like I was when I started, WordPress have some really great looking free themes.

If you choose to take the ‘figure it out yourself’ route, then you can check out some of my favourite themes here:

Optimize Press:

Elegant Themes:

Mojo Themes:

Theme Forest:


How To Start a Home Business: Setting Up a Free WordPress Theme if You’re on a Tight Budget 



A Professional Looking Blog banner (as low as $5-20)

Your Blog banner is going to be key in showing off your brand. Here are some resources I have used. – You Guessed it, you can get a banner done for 20 Bucks! – $5 work so it fits any budget – More professional Banner work. You have multiple designers working on your banner so you can get different perspectives all at once. You choose and pay for the one that you like best. – For those of you who want to take the DIY approach. Canva is a free online service I use to create all my blog images, but you can make a very professional blog header all it takes is a little time on your behalf.

Branding Tips for Your Blog Banner

When people visit your blog they’re going to connect with YOU more than a logo, so include a personal picture of you in the banner that they can build a trusting relationship with.

Include a tagline so your visitors can easily understand the value that they’re going to get from your blog. I see too many blogs completely mess this up and make their tag-lines about them and not their audience. Your tagline should serve your audience.

Click Here to get this great tagline formula from Tanya Aliza that will help you.

Pick Colours that are pleasing to the eye and maybe ask a friend or two for their opinion on your colour choices.

Here’s a cool tool to help choose your brand colors  –

Email Marketing Software

You’ll need some kind of email marketing software and there isn’t a blogger out there that’s making money without this tool. Its very simple you really need to build a list and then provide value to that list. (I cover how to do this over on my blog)

There are many different services that you can choose from but I use Aweber because it’s simple to use, integrates with everything and it’s fairly cost effective. However if your on a really tight budget I highly recommend choosing one of the free services until your audience grows.

Here’s a couple of articles I found to help you find the best one. Have a look through these articles and decide which one suits your needs then its a simple case of creating an account and installing a form on your blog. In most cases the company you choose will have tutorial videos explaining how to do this. If not your good old friend YouTube will come to the rescue 😉

Best Autoresponder for 2015 – Smart Business Trends

Comparing Autoresponder Services

The auto-responder system will collect the subscribers in your account and you’ll have the ability to set up automated follow up messages to go out to that list of subscribers.

So, if you have a series of automated emails that you want your subscriber to get over a period of time, maybe sending them more information about your products and services, bringing them back to your offer, you can do this easily with any service you choose. You will also have the ability to send manual email broadcasts to your subscribers at any time.

This is a home business owners secret weapon and automation is key!

Your Blog Posts

I talk more about the strategy of your blog posts over on my blog, but I wanted to show you a way that you can get up and running with your first post here in this quick video:

Expand on Your Marketing with these Two Great Tools!

The 3 Minute Expert.

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Here’s why:

Most of the things you’ve been taught about how to build authority online are wrong, wrong, wrong.

And not just a little bit wrong… I’m talking DEAD WRONG.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m overstating my case?

I’m not.

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Video Ranking

Dear Frustrated Video Marketer,

What if you could once and for all put your traffic worries aside and generate all the traffic you’d ever need? What if you didn’t have to spend a single cent to bring in that traffic? And what if you could do it with just a few minutes of work per day?

Three months ago I wouldn’t have believed it was possible, but now I know the secrets to making it happen and you know what? It’s actually pretty EASY too!

A Moment of Gratitude


As you can see, I’m really passionate about blogging and showing others how to start a home business doing what they love and creating that lifestyle they always dreamed of.

I’ve been quietly teaching small business owners how to set up a blog and maximize their results and now that I have shared this information with you, I hope you can see the power in it for YOUR life and business.

I hope you enjoyed this training and I’m excited to see your new blog.

If you got value out of this training please come over to my Facebook Page and share what you liked most.

If there’s anything that I can help you with please shoot me an email any time

I truly love helping people so don’t be a stranger…. reach out and connect.

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