How to Livestream on YouTube With These Great Tools

How to Livestream on YouTube

In today’s blog post am going to show you How to Livestream on YouTube using Google Hangouts on Air and Wirecast.

Now if you want to to rank more videos in the search engines, mainly Google and YouTube since they are the biggest.

Then you must understand the importance of leveraging Google properties and what they want to maximise your results in the search engines.

So How to Livestream on YouTube and Why it’s Important

Below is a quick tutorial where I give you a couple of ways on how to livestream on youtube.

But first I just explain why it’s important to livestream your videos on YouTube.

Quite simply…. YouTube and Google view any content uploaded to YouTube as dated content, it doesn’t matter how long ago you created that video. YouTube and Google will not rank it as highly as a video that has been Livestreamed.

How to Livestream on YouTube Using Wirecast.

So……. The first thing you’ll need to do is enable Livestreaming for your channel.

Confirm that your channel is verified and in good standing.

Then, enable live events. Go to Video Manager –> Channel –> Live Streaming. Once enabled, you have two options to start live streaming on YouTube.

Google Hangouts or Livestreaming using an Encoder. I use a service called wirecast and since it is free and I’ve never had any issues with it. I will continue to use.

It’s important to find a Livestream encoder that suits your needs, but if you’re just starting out or doing videos similar to how I do them (ie myself on camera) then wirecast is absolutely fine for the job.

Once you have downloaded wirecast if your using that service. Carry out the following.

How to livestream on youtube instructions:

Log in to your YouTube account. …

Set up your camera (Ingestion Settings). …

Open the Wirecast application (Wirecast for YouTube 5.01) …

Configure your Live Event in Wirecast. …

If you still get stuck here are some video examples.

Start the Live Stream in Wirecast. …

Preview and Start Streaming on YouTube. …

Go to “Watch Page” to view your stream.

If you still get stuck follow the video instructions below.



How to Livestream on YouTube using Google Hangouts: 

Summary: With Google Hangouts on Air, you can schedule broadcasts to stream live in HD on Google+, YouTube, as well as your website. Your video stream will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

Fun Tip: Google Hangouts on Air is still the premiere live streaming tool for most businesses and professionals, according to this Forbes article.

To get started with Google Hangouts on Air live streaming:

1. Log into Google+.

2. Start a Hangout On Air enabled video call and invite specific people or Google+ circles to join you.

3. Name your Hangout On Air.

4. Link to your YouTube account.

5. Click “Start broadcast” to go On Air.

6. After a countdown, your Hangout On Air will start broadcasting on your Google+ profile, your YouTube channel, and any website where you’ve embedded it.

Example: See Google Hangouts on Air in action with this sample video below.



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