The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How To Increase Blog Traffic


So you want to learn how to increase blog traffic? Fantastic! Well this cheat sheet will certainly do that and help you get more subscribers, leads and sales for your business.

You know all that great stuff which makes your business tick! Well you are in the right place, But before I show you how to increase blog traffic. I want to make sure you have your sales funnel set up correctly?

Its Not a Traffic Problem!

Low traffic and weak conversion numbers are just symptoms of a much greater problem.

A problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s bad news) , but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news)

I speak to a lot of home business professionals and local businesses and they all want to know how to increase blog traffic, traffic to their websites and sales pages, but on closer inspection I more often than not discover that its a funnel problem that they have.

Seriously you fix your sales funnel and you solve your problem and like I said its really easy to solve once identified.

“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” – Dan Kennedy

For example; You spend $75 for every $25 dollars your making. (I know not a great way to run a business, but it does happen)

So let’s say this happening in your business right now and you fix your funnel problem. You can now start making two to three times as much money for each sale – and then the whole game changes. Suddenly you can afford to buy more traffic from more places, you can outbid the competition and you can now spend two to three times more while becoming exponentially more profitable.

So how do you take a sales funnel that’s losing money into a tool that can enable your business to spend more money than its competitors?

Well firstly I would start buy buying this book by Russell Brunson. Its called DotCom Secrets. Right now you can grab yourself a copy for FREE (just pay for shipping an handling)

how to increase blog traffic


In this book Russell outlines the simplicity of sales funnel creation and in my opinion its one of the best books I’ve read in a long time on online marketing. Highly recommended!

The next step would be to leverage a proven system that has been tested time and time again to work in multiple niches. Once you follow the steps, you’ll open the flood gates.

This is the system I have been using which has worked very well for the last 2 years: “19 Min Movie reveals the 5 things they do daily to Get Leads, Sign Up More Customers and Make More Money. YES I WANT LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS VIDEO!

How To Increase Blog Traffic With These 7 Strategies.

Whenever you create content you need to keeps these things in mind.

– Does it provide bags and bags of value?

– Is the content shareable? Could it go viral?

& is it relevant to your audience? (i,e. Is it what they want?)

An important point to remember on how to increase blog traffic, it can take time, however there are a few things to help you along the way, but don’t be fooled it will take work and consistency on your part. So if your not willing to put in the effort and work don’t expect to get any results!

I’m not like 90% of the marketers out there who will sell you on the dream of running everything on complete autopilot and telling you how you can get a quadrillion visitors overnight if you just follow x,y and z.

Because quite frankly its all B.S. So don’t be duped by the false promises. It takes hard work and consistent action on your part. Let’s get into these strategies before I bore you with another rant 😉 lol

1. Shoot a short 3 minute video on your subject inviting your audience to checkout the rest of your blog post. Upload it to YouTube and other media sites and embed in that blog post.

For my complete 7 steps series on how to rank YouTube videos in the search engines and how to increase blog traffic. Enter your name and email in the top right and I will get that sent over to you right away!

2. Email your list, every time you write a new post. Doesn’t matter if you 2 or 200 people on your list. Email them your latest posts.

3. Post on Facebook and other social media platforms. Be sure to include relevant hashtags. Here’s two PDF reports that will really help you with your social media promotion.



4. Post / Share in relevant and specific groups on social media. If you have made a video upload this also. Facebook are massively competing with YouTube right to get more attention with regards to videos.

5. Use forums – find people in your niche who are posting questions relating to your blog post topics and offer your content as a solution to their problems. is just one great resource you can use.

6. Use ViralContentBuzz.Com for a great training on how to use this platform. Checkout they’re Free Udemy Course.

7. Now this strategy is new to me and something I have just started implementing. Check out how one marketer got 30,000 unique visitors to his blog in 11 weeks using all Free methods.  How to Go From Zero to 30,000 Page Views in 11 Weeks (With No Budget)

So there you have it, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On “How To Increase Blog Traffic” I hope you got value from this post. If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared with a friend also remember to subscribe to keep updated on my latest content. 

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