How to Build Rapport with Clients Instantly!

How to Build Rapport With ClientsBuilding good relationships is at the forefront of everything we do in life, business, our love life & friendships. and It all starts with rapport building. Knowing how to build rapport with clients or potential clients is crucial for your success.

In this post I will share with you not only how to build rapport with clients, but how to do it instantly and in a genuine manner that doesn’t comprise your character or your business.

If you don’t build rapport, then this will happen.

Before we begin lets look at what happens if we don’t build rapport with clients. Lets say you sell health care products.

At some point you or someone from your sales team has sat down with a potential client that has already been pre-sold on your products, but your client made the decision not to buy your products. Was it the price? Was it the product? Possibly, but I can guarantee if they were already pre sold, the reason they didn’t buy from you is because you didn’t build rapport!

Your client wanted to lose weight, eat healthy and live longer. You offered them the chance through your products and at the end of the presentation “NO!” is the resounding answer! What happened? You took a pre-sold prospect and because you din’t build rapport, you literally talked them out of it.

and it gets worse… You said great things, but your prospects didn’t believe you. In fact what your prospects are really saying when this happens is; “I would rather stay fat, eat junk food and die younger than do business with you!” We have all experienced this, we say great things, they don’t believe the great things we say and then ultimately they don’t do business with us. So the first and most important step is to know how to build rapport with clients, because once we do they will believe the good things we have to say and do business with us.

Here is How to Build Rapport with Clients in the first few seconds!

Honesty, integrity, sincerity and having your prospects best interests at heart don’t work! Now I’m not saying be dishonest, but none of these work at all!

Think about a con man. The con man isn’t honest, he doesn’t have any integrity or sincerity and he certainly doesn’t have his prospects best interests at heart, but somehow the con man is able to get honest hard working men and women to hand over all their money, in total rapport in just a matter of minutes sometimes even seconds.

So it would seem that the con man has mastered “how to build rapport with clients” so we can learn these same skills ourselves and do it for the better good and actually help our clients achieve their goals.

The goal of any business owner or marketer is to get our message and information into the clients / potential clients head and have them believe what it is we’re saying. Then once our message and information is in our clients / potential clients. Its then down to them to decide whether that information serves them or not, that’s it.

So lets build rapport instantly and effectively and save everyone’s time with these 3 steps;

1. Tell them one fact that he/she can believe.

2. Tell them another fact they can believe.

3. Smile.   

I know what your thinking, it can’t be that easy, well it is and I will show you how in the video below.

Video: A Story on How To Build Rapport With Clients



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