How To Become Rich: What Frank Kern Taught Me!

How to become rich


Something I have been studying since 2010 is how to become rich. and the last couple of weeks I have been studying a course on video marketing with Frank Kern. The way I see it “If your not getting the results you want, then you need to look at your habits!” and that’s what I want to cover here today.

Whilst Ive been studying this course on marketing, Frank Kern shared with me how to become rich (well anyone for that matter) and Frank breaks it down in 4 steps. So now Im going to share these steps with YOU!

How To Become Rich: My Take On This Subject!

Before I begin, this subject “how to become rich” is abit of a tabot subject (something I am still learning myself) I almost convinced myself not to write this post. For obvious reasons, this subject can annoy people, rub them up the wrong way etc….

Is it any wonder really!? Over the last few years since the 2008 crisis the lifestyle of the rich has been shown off, flaunted in our faces and become somewhat of an obsession from a lot of people. So to make it very clear, I am just passing on these 4 steps on how to become rich By Frank Kern and despite the name of the title, you can really take these 4 steps and apply it to every aspect of your liffe!

“I should have really thought harder about that title I guess!” lol 😀

4 Steps: How To Become Rich by Frank Kern

Frank says, that the overall basis on how to become rich is simple. You find someone who is getting the results that you want, find out how they are doing it and model them.

Step 1. Develop The Outcome: Know the outcome you desire, Frank says, to have an outcome of I just want to get rich, is very vague. Lets take a homeless man living in this country or the US for that matter, he is vastly rich compared to that of someone in one of the poorest nations on the planet. You and I are rich in many ways, so just saying you want to be rich doesn’t define it enough. So break it down, know the outcome you desire and develop a plan to get it.

Step 2. Believe In What Your Doing: If you don’t believe in what your doing, then there really is no point doing it. I believe if you were absolutely certan that what you were doing was going to work, you wouldnt quit! So why do people give up, jump from new shiny thing, to new shiny thing? (I have been guilty of this aswell in the past) its because they don’t truly believe in what they are doing! They are not all in and giving their best! So you have to truly believe in what your doing!

Step 3. Work Hard: Frank doesn’t beat around the bush on this subject, he gets straight to the point, if you want to become successful and really understand how to become rich, you need to pull your finger out, get off your arse and work hard! Here is the trick though, if you truly enjoy doing whatever it is your doing, then its not really hard work 😉

Step 4: To Sell What Rich People Are Selling: Pick any successful business man or woman and really study what they are selling. Lets take Bill Gates for instance, his company is Microsoft (well actually not anymore) but bare with me on this example. What is microsoft? Its a software company, but if you break it down, what Microsoft is really selling is software that helps you manage information. Where do you think the words information technology came from? Information is what people have sold for deacdes. Take the 1930’s during the great depression, some of the people who made the most money were those selling little panflets of information for a few cents and tickets to the movies. So selling information has always been a stable business and if you take the internet marketing industry for example. The top earners are all selling courses and these courses are full of information, for example on how to get more leads / sales online. After all we are in the information age and its the one thing people can not get enough!

So I just want to conclude by saying this, make sure whatever you pick to sell or do is something that is congruent and that you enjoy doing it, but more importantly don’t forget whats really important to you. Wealth and riches all mean different things to different people and if all you do is concentrate on the money, it will illude you, as Jim Rohn says. ‘What you pursue, will illude you!’ So do what you love, enjoy your life and don’t let it always be about the money!

So there you have it how to become rich by Frank Kern, I hope you got value! If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.

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