How To Attract Customers To Your Business: The Secret Formula

how to attract customers to your businessToday I am going to share with you How To Attract Customers To Your Business in 4 simple steps. Now if you follow the simple exercise I am about to share with you, you will not only attract customers, but you will also attract the ideal customer (your perfect client)


The Secret Formula: How To Attract Customers To Your Business

This formula consists of four simple questions. These are the same 4 questions I learnt from reading Russell Brunson’s book DotCom Secrets.

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So now onto the subject of how to attract customers to your business

Question #1: Who is your dream client?

The first question you have to ask yourself is, Who do I actually want to work with?

Russell says: “You choose you significant other carefully, so why wouldn’t you take the same time and deciding who your dream client or customer will be?”

“If you’re just getting started, this may not seem important. I promise you that if you don’t consciously choose your dream client, one day you will wake like I did, working with people who exhaust you and wishing that someone could fire the business you created.”

So ask yourself…..

Who are my dream clients?
What do they look like?
What are they passionate about?
What are their goals, dreams and desires?

Question #2: Where can you find them?

Where can you find this ideal man or women? Where do they hang out online?

What groups are they part of? What email newsletters do they subscribe to? What blogs do they read?

What other interests do they have? If you don’t know the who, it will be very hard to find out where your perfect client can be found!

Question #3: What bait will you use to attract them?

Once we know where are dream customers are, we have to create the right bait (offer) to attract them.

This could be a physical book, Ebook, CD, DVD an audio recording or even a video series like mine.

Anything that your customer would pay attention to and want!

Question #4: What Result do you want to give them?

Running a business is all about solving problems, problems your customers / potential customers have by offering a solution. Once you know your the results you can get for your clients, and (you and they) understand that concept, then price is no longer a barrier.

Imagine that your clients could pay you anything to get a desired result. What, then would you do to help guarantee their success? Where would you lead them? What does that place look like? Keep that place in your mind; its the pinnacle of success for your clients. It’s where you want to take them, and that is the key to this last step.


Sorry about the image cutting out in the video above. Checkout the video below where I share the great resources I mentioned in the first video.



Quick Recap: How To Attract Customers To Your Business

  1. Who are your dream clients?
  2. Where can you find them?
  3. What bait will you use to attract them?
  4. What result do you want to give them?


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