How Does Affiliate Marketing Work- With Legacy Gold

how does affilate marketing work

So how does affiliate marketing work with legacy gold? Firstly it is Completely FREE to join and there are No Monthly Costs. 

However you do need to purchase at least one gram of Gold every month to earn your commissions. Click here to understand the reason why you should own Gold 

The money you accumulate by referring customers and affiliates will remain there until you have purchased your gold.

You can also earn commissions up to two levels. For every one hundred pounds spent on gold by your customers/affiliates that you recommended you will receive £4.

And for every hundred pounds spent by anyone your customers/affiliates recommend you will receive £2.

The Long Term Potential.

Look at the real long term potential not a simple one off purchase.

One affiliate on your first level spending £100 on gold isn’t simply a £4 commission cheque.

Look at it this way… In addition to the £48 commission over 12 months how many people will that one person bring in who also would save £100 in gold .. Another 7..? That’s an extra £14 per month. Another £168 over 12 months. Suddenly that one purchase could lead to £216 commissions in year one. That’s if just those seven do nothing else but buy the same every month… Imagine 20 affiliates doing the same … Every one saving and no one spending.

How You Can Earn Money as an Affiliate in its simplest form….

Put 10 people front line to you as a customer and or free affiliate. Each buys £100 of gold you would make 10 X £4 = £40

Now imagine that 70% of your customers also become affiliates and also get 10 people each to save in a £100 of gold each month. … Now that’s 70 x £2 = £140. Plus the £40 from level 1 = £180 in free commissions in the above example in that one month … As soon as you become a customer yourself that month and buy your first gram of gold the £180 is yours to do with as you will… Draw it out, swap it for gold, keep some spend some.

That folks is the Affiliate model … Why don’t you play with the figures yourself remember for every £100 of gold purchased … £4 on level one purchases and £2 on all level 2 for every £100 of gold purchased … Let me know if you have any more questions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work With Legacy Gold.

There is more to Legacy Gold than just affiliate commissions, so if your serious and want to create a home business part time, in your spare time or even full time, then I would love to here from you. My details are below. 

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