Top 5 Home Based Business Tips For Success

home based business tips for success
What does a Master Jazz Violinist and Home Based Business Owner have in common? More than you think. Discover these top 5 home based business tips for success you can take from this top performing artist and create a profitable home based business.

Have you ever been in a moment where you realised that your perception of something would never be the same?

Well that’s exactly what happened to my mentor when he attended BB Kings Restaurant to hang out and listen to a violinist for an upcoming CD release.Much to his surprise he walked away with 5 lessons that anyone could use to take their home based business to the next level.

“Whatever your discipline, become a student of excellence in all things. Take every opportunity to observe people who manifest the qualities of mastery.” – Tony Buzan

Here are the 5 Home Based Business Tips For Success, that my mentor shared with me that you can use to successfully create a business you can work from home.

5 Home Based Business Tips For Success

1. Change an idea or business by 10% and you can be a  leader in what you do. Ms. Briggs is not the only violinist but she is one the first to become known as a “Jazz Violinist.” She took traditional classical music and put a jazz twist on it and made it her own. She created a fortune by doing so. You can do the same thing. Find a work at home business you love, add your unique slant and become an expert.

2. Give your customers more than you can expect and you will create raving fans. When you under promise and over deliver you will create screaming fans that will tell others about your business. The ultimate form of flattery is a referral.

3. When you are operating in your unique gift it will appear effortless to others. Every musician is one with their instrument. Learning to play and master a musical instrument, that it is not an easy skill to master if you don’t have the aptitude or attitude. However, when the talent or gift is innate your presentation appears organic and effortless to others.

Most people spend their life looking for the “magic  bullet” to create wealth. And the truth is if you were to look at the gifts and talents you have, your million dollar idea is innately a part of you. If you are not sure what it is think about what are the things you do that appear easy for you and difficult for others.

Your unique talent harnessed with discipline and commitment will be unstoppable. Unleash your talents and discover how to turn it into a profitable work at home opportunity.

4. When you are a master at your craft people will pay for it and you can name your price. Being an expert in business is much like a top paid artist. When you have specialised knowledge or a skill people are willing to pay a higher price to have
access to it.

5. Surround yourself with talented and supportive people and you all can go to a higher level of success. No ohome based business tipsne creates success by themselves. Make sure you have people around you who support you in your business.


This one was the biggest home based business tips for success, that i took away from our conversation. I highly recommend that you consider a Mastermind Group.

Take one or all of these “home based business tips for success” implement them in your business and watch it grow.

I am always amazed how lessons about being successful are always around us if our mind is open and our ears in tune. These lessons if implemented will sound like music to your ears.

I want to wish you the best of success in your journey to higher success!

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