4 Tips To Help You Get More Productive In 2015!

Wow can believe another year has gone by and 2015 is almost here? I mean where did 2014 go? Lol

Have you made a plan on how your going to achieve your goals this coming year?

When I first started my home business I never really made any solid goals, I mean heck I didn’t even make any solid anything for my life before I got serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur! Here is what I know:

“You can’t create the lifestyle you want without a plan on how to get there.” If you speak to any successful entrepreneur that will all tell you that they set meaningful goals!

When you know what your weeks and months look like you can wake up with a sense of purpose because you know exactly what it is you should be doing, that will move you closer to your desired outcome!

Just simply writing your goals down and planning each step to achieve will give you an immense sense of personal power and purpose.

So I have a question for you……. Do you have a plan set up for your business yet?

If you do, GREAT! Maybe share a little of what you have planned in the comments section below. If you don’t then there is no time like the present, to get writing one now!

It can be as simple as a Daily plan on what you want to achieve each day in your business and then just breaking down each task in that time frame.

When I sat down to write my 2015 plan, I started with monthly goals and then I broke the monthly goals into weekly tasks. Its easier for me to plan monthly, that way I can just look at the month and know what I need to do and then any appointments I need to make can tie in around my main tasks.

Everything revolves around my main goals and that is to build my home business and continue to give you more great training, but I recommend you plan your goals in a way that is easiest for you.

As I reflect back on 2014 it was a huge year for me and 2015 is already shaping up to be 3 times bigger and better! How is 2015 going to plan out for you? Do you know exactly what you want to achieve or are you just going to wait and see?

4 Tips That Have Helped Me Get More Productive & Can Help You Get The Most Out Of 2015.

1.Turn off all notifications on your phone, Shut Out All Distractions, put the thing on flight mode if you have to! I know when I am working my phone is set to ultra saving mode, which enabes me to only recieve calls from Vikki my partner. (she is 7 months pregnant so I have to make allowances for her just in case) but usually Its completely off whilst I am working.

2. Mediatation, I started meditating about a year ago and it has really helped me focus my mind. I started off once a day, to get better sleep at night, so right before bed I would meditate for 20 minutes to clear my head, but I found it worked so well that now I meditate twice daily, once in the morning and once before sleep. It also helps if you Drink a pint of water as soon as you wake up in the morning and before you goto sleep at night. This helps get the blood flowing in your body and reduces risk of cardiac arest. .

3. Get a Diary / Calender It helps to know what your doing each day of the week / month. It also helps if you just work off of one calender/diary, don’t over complicate things keep it easy and simple for you to understand.

4. Make a list and do like santa and check it twice, I have a daily action plan or a to do list, this compiles of tasks I absolutely must do with out fail each day. You should try it. To get my 10 steps to going full time in network marketing be sure to subsrcibe to my email list.




What do you guys think? I would love to know your thoughts! Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook.








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