You Don’t Need a Piece of Paper To Tell You……. Your Free!

Dear George,

This letter comes at a very important time in history. A few days ago 23/06/2016 the British people voted and the majority decided to leave the European Union, a decision which I support. The full effects of this decision, we are yet to see as of the time of writing this letter.

You see the movement is afoot and has been for many years, but now more and more people are awakening to true nature of the very system that was designed to enslave us.

But here’s the thing: we don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that we’re free. We Don’t need a government to tell us we’re free and we certainly do not need to vote to decide that we are free.

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Simon Black at Sovereign Man 

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Human beings are born free. Freedom isn’t handed to us by kings or politicians. It’s not awarded by contract.

Freedom is natural. And we don’t have to wait around for House Clinton or King Barry First of His Name to grant it to us.

It’s fine to write it down. But if people don’t truly care about being free, the document will amount to nothing but an illegible artifact at a museum exhibit.

Each of us has the ability to do something to take back our freedom. All the tools and resources already exist.

It’s the Digital Age. We’re no longer bound by geography. Banks. Governments. Even borders themselves. They’re all becoming increasingly irrelevant.

This is powerful stuff, and critically important to take advantage of.

So always question authority George, question your place, question your motives, question your Freedom and Your Sovereignty.

Understand that it is a political game and perhaps its part of the grand chessboard, the master plan!

Maybe its part of the on going scenario to make people think they are free, giving them that illusion of sovereignty.

(Like I said question everything son and this is my cynical nature coming out now haha!) or that they are exiting out of the control of NWO, Illuminati or whatever other name people call the power elites.

As of the time of this writing it certainly looks that way, but is it in reality, very little in politics does anything happen by chance in fact almost nothing happens by chance. If it happens, then perhaps it was meant to be that way, but by those at the top of the chessboard.

Lots of Love

Dad x


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