Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks: 7 Hacks to Triple Your Engagement

Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

In today’s post I am going to share with you 7 Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks which will triple your engagement with your audience.

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Anyway enough of that for a moment, you are here for some facebook marketing tips and tricks so lets get on a teach you some cool hacks that will triple your engagement with your audience.

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1. Edge, Affinity, Weight and Time. Before I get into details on what all these mean its super important to understand the original Facebook algorithm to get a basic overview what is working these days.

Now the original edge rank algorithm on FB use to be;

Edge – So think of edge as, every-time you post on Facebook you are creating a new edge, so the edge is the content

Affinity – Measures how close your posts relationship is with each person that’s interacting with your posts. In other words the the affinity is the relationship between user and the edge creator (YOU)

Weight – Is what measures the popularity of your post, based on the amount of interaction its getting. So a ton of comments and a bunch of likes and shares with give that post a lot of weight.

Time – Is very very simply a factor of the older the post the lower its edge rank gets. Self explanatory FB is simply going to share a post that’s new more than a post that’s a week old, a month etc… Now you will see some older posts resurface and there is a way to trigger that, but in general Facebook likes to keep thing fresh, new and current.

So that’s the basic understanding of Facebook’s edge rank algorithm.

2. Comment, Like, Share. This is the golden rule of these 7 Magic Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks. The more you personally engage in other peoples content, the more they see yours. So if all your doing is creating content and never engaging in others you are missing out on a very powerful of FB’s edge rank algorithm.

So get out there and engage with your audience. The more you do this, the more your content will appear in their news feeds. Remember that Facebook is looking for that relationship between you and other users. facebook hacks

I Hope Your’re Getting a Ton Of Value From These Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks So Far?

3. Private Messages. – Private back and fourth conversations are proven to cause Facebook to show your status updates to those users. So if you reach out to people and they have a conversation with you, Facebook takes your relationship to the next level. It says not only are you both friends, but also friends to the point that you have conversations privately.

So I encourage you have a lot of private message going all the time and there are two different ways you can do this.

  1. You reaching out to people in your friends list and starting private conversations.
  2. Where your posting and your actively encouraging people to send you a private message.

Both work extremely well but remember that it has to be back and fourth conversations. It can’t just be your reaching out.

4. Ask Questions. – Use Topics that are trending as well as questions you want to know the answers to. So anytime you have a question about something, maybe its a decision you want to make, something controversial, or even peoples opinions on a subject. Ask that question on Facebook as a status update, anytime you do its the ultimate call to action, people naturally want to comment.

The more people comment the more engagement you have, and the more those people will see your posts in the future. You get the idea already. 😉

5. Identify Your Post Type. –  Which types of posts get you the most engagement? Pictures? Text? Questions? Links? Videos? ETC….. This obviously something that is unique to each individual person. So go back through your profile and review some of your posts and see which ones are the most popular and get the best engagement.facebook marketing tips

Ask yourself what type of posts are they? Now when it comes to link posts, you may not get a lot of engagement, but you may get a lot of clicks. So its best to track how many clicks your getting, you can do this using any url shorten website such as bitly.com if your posting from your Facebook fan/business page FB will provide you with these analytics.

Now when your reviewing your posts, it may take you a while to compose all the data to decide which posts of yours get the best engagement, but trust me on this one it is well worth the time to go over this strategy. So find which post type is the most popular for you and do more of that type of post.

6. Revive Your Old Status Updates. – When you comment on old status updates you can revive them and bring them back to life re-circulating the news feed. So even if your post is a year old, by you or someone else commenting on it, Facebook will see this and think that maybe more people might like to see it.
I love the memories notifications, where you can look back and see what you
posted on a said day one, two, three years ago and you can comment, re share like etc…. So even if you did this just once a day and revived an old post, that will get you so much more exposure in the news feed.

Remember that just because a post dies, doesn’t mean its dead forever. Just one comment, share or like and she will be alive and kicking again.

and last but not least of these “Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks”

facebook-marketing-tips-figure-out-best-time-to-post7. Best Time of The Day to Post – Review previous popular posts and identify which time of the day gets the best engagement on your posts.

So there’s alot of different factors that go into it. For example Facebook doesnt always show your posts to everybody right of the bat. So you might think i’ll post in the morning, because thats when most people are online. That’s not really how it works though. Facebook has an algorithim that tends to drip your post out to people. So you might find that evening is better.

Like I said there’s lots of different factors, from the location in the world of your followers and friends to different personalities. So the best way to discover what time is best for you, is to go back and review your previous posts and what time you posted to best crack the code of the algorithim.

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So there you have it, 7 Facebook Hacks to Triple Your Engagement. I hope you got value,  If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below with your thoughts and shared on social media.  Also I encourage you to explore what it is we do further by using the links / resources below and remember to subscribe to keep updated on my latest content.

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