Escaping The Rat Race: Ready To Get On The Fast Track?

escaping the rat raceEscaping The Rat Race

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the rat race? I know I have! This dream all started for me back in 2010 after I played the game cashflow. Cashflow is a financial education game created by Robert Kiyosaki. the object of this game is escaping the rat race and getting onto the fast track. From there you need to land on your dream which chose at the beginning of the game to win!


The fastest I ever escaped the rat race was just a little over 10 minutes, which roughly equated to (if it was in a real life situation) around 2 years……

When you think about it that is not far off what happened for me when I started out in my first network marketing company. To cut a long story short, within 18 months, I quit my job and decided to go live with my uncle in Portugal!

So escaping the rat race was a real thing for me. Until the company stop paying, I lost my entire team, had to return to the UK and get back in the rat race again. Just like in the game, Life is like that sometimes.

But we just pick ourselves up again and keep going! Don’t quit! Many successful business men and women consistently failed over and over again, until they eventually succeeded! It only takes that one idea, one business opportunity along with the right mental attitude and determination from you, which will have you on your way to escaping the rat race.

Escaping The Rat Race: 5 signs your ready to Get On The Fast Track.

  1. You hate your job. What better reason is there to make the break and look for new ways to pay the bills? Opportunities are everywhere around us, so there’s never been a better time to make the move. Do it today!
  2. You don’t have time for yourself. All your time seems to be spent jumping through hoops that others are holding. Deadlines that had to be met yesterday now should have been met the day before. You are exhausted, burnout without even being aware of it.
  3. The daily commute really has become a daily grind. When just getting to and from work is adding two, three or even more hours to your day, with jams, road works and rising fuel prices all set to make things worse, it’s time to start working in a different way.
  4. You’re started to feel afraid. you worry about losing your job or concerned that you can’t hack it any more and someone will find out and your boss might not think your up to the job any more.
  5. You can feel your partner and you drifting apart and the barriers between you and your kids getting higher. And there’s never enough time at home to repair the damage because you’re working at weekends too. You know you shouldn’t blame others for feeling resentful, but what has to be done, has to be done.

Of course, you don’t need someone to tell you all this when you know it already – whether right now it’s buried deep down or already bubbling to the surface. And you don’t need someone to give you permission to swap what you’ve got for something you’d enjoy more.

What you do need is a catalyst to help you do something about it.

Catalysts can come in many forms, for me it was playing the game cashflow, and reading Rich Dad Poor Dad which triggered my desire of escaping the rat race.

So If you are unhappy with where you are, then take the time to find out how you can make the first move towards having a different life, a better life, one where you are in control of what you do and when you do it.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least explore the opportunities that are out there and open to you?

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