Give Yourself a Raise : Instead of Hoping For a Handout

Don’t wait for your boss to come to his senses—give yourself a raise this year.  We all would like more money, but more importantly we would all like something that will give us the time freedom and lifestyle so that we can enjoy our life with those we love.

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Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

Everyday we are presented with Opportunities, sometimes these can be an opportunity of a lifetime. However not everyone takes the opportunities that are presented to them on a daily basis. Thomas Edison once said  “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” Right now we have an Opportunity Of A…

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Why It’s Better To Present Your Opportunity Together!

Present Your Opportunity Together 7 reasons why you need to do it, to achieve better results! Have you  wondered why your prospects say No, after you present your opportunity to them? Or thought what am I doing wrong?

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