5 New Rules Of Money! Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich

5 new rules of moneyWell They are Kinda New If Your Reading Them For The First Time.

I’ve done a lot of reading and studying over the last few years particularly with regards to financial education and the economy, I guess that’s why I decided to join the company I am currently with, It just resonates with my passion and personality.


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So I recently picked up a book again, that I first read back in 2011. The book is called Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich. The 8 New Rules Of Money.

I highly recommend it for anyone who’s just starting on their journey of entrepreneurship or even if you are an experienced entrepreneur. Its nice to have you’re mind refreshed of these 5 new rules of money from time to time.

So yes there are 8 “New Rules of Money” that he talks about in this book, but I just wanted to share with you these key 5 new rules of money.

The 5 New Rules Of Money rich dads conspiracy of the rich book review

New Rule of money #1: Money Is Knowledge. Today traditional assets do not make you rich or financially secure. You can lose money on business, real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities and YES EVEN GOLD. Knowledge can make you rich (or rather the application of that knowledge) and the lack or understanding of knowledge can make you poor. In this new world, it is the knowledge and the application of that knowledge that is the new money.

New Rule of Money #2: Learn How To Use Debt. After 1971, the U.S dollar switched from being an asset to being a liability – debt. Debt has exploded because banks can create vast sums of paper and digital currency by creating more debt. The subprime mess was caused by subprime borrowers and subprime banks. Debt is not bad, miss-use of debt is bad. Debt can make you rich and it can make you poor. If you want to get ahead financially, you need to learn to use debt, not abuse it.

New Rule of Money #3: Learn to Control Cash-Flow. After the worlds currencies became debt, the name of the game was getting you and I into debt. When you are in debt, your cash flows from you to others. Today, many people are in trouble financially because they have too much cash flowing out of their pockets and very little money flowing into their pockets. If you are going to be financially independent, you need to learn to have more cash flowing into your pockets.

New Rule of Money #4: Prepare for Bad Times and YOU will only know Good Times. The last depression saw many people become rich, but also alot more people become poor. Some saw the depression as an opportunity while most saw it as a crisis. The baby boom generation, has only known good times. Many are not prepared for bad times. I am doing well today because I 2008 was a wake up call for me and I am preparing for the bad times ahead. By doing this I will do even better in good times.

New Rule of Money #5: The Need for Speed. Money evolved from barter to digital as the world’s financial system picked up speed. Today, slow people are left behind. A well positioned person can transact business 24/7. Rather than making money by the month, people can make money by the minute or second.


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5 New Rules Of Money: Self-Examination

Before you move forward, it’s important to ask yourself:

1. Are you being paid by the month, the hour, the minute or the second?

2. Are you earning money eight hours a day or 24 hours a day?

3. If you stop working, will money continue to come in?

4. Do you have multiple sources of income?

5. If you are an employee, are you working for an employer who is being left behind?

6. Are your friends and family moving forward or being left behind financially?

Only you can honestly answer those questions. Only you know if you are financially satisfied with your own life. Only you can make daily changes in your life.

If you are ready to make changes and plan for a brighter future then firstly I highly recommend you pick up this book and give it a read.

You Can Pick Up A Copy Here

So there you have it, I hope you got value from these 5 new rules of money! If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below with your thoughts and shared on social media.  Also I encourage you to explore the links / resources below if you would like to more about how you can start working towards becoming financially free. Also remember to subscribe to keep updated on my latest content.

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